Kidsmap Privacy Policy

Final Revision: 4 Nov 2014

You can use Kidsmap (hereinafter referred to as the “Application”) to share information, connect to other Customers, and use other services (hereafter referred to as the “Service”) that utilize location data.
When you allow access or provide your personal information to NC Japan K.K. (hereafter referred to as the “Company”), the Company can connect you to other users of your designation to provide the Service that enables the sharing of basic information.
Pertaining to your use of the Application, the Company prescribes the Privacy Policy for protection of personal information as below.
The Company considers your personal information as important information. As such, whether you are a first-time user of the Company’s Service or an existing customer, please clearly understand the way the Company handles information and the Personal Information Protection Act before using the Service.

Purpose of Information Collection

The Company uses the collected information for the purposes of providing, maintaining and improving the Service and protecting you and other customers. There is also a possibility of using the information to display search results and advertisements highly relevant to each customer.
The Company uses the information collected through cookies and other technologies (e.g. pixel tags) to improve the customer environment and general service quality.
The Company will request for your consent in advance when the information is used for purposes other than prescribed in this Privacy Policy.
The Company processes the information collected from you in the Company’s servers. The Company may handle your personal information at a server located in a region other than your country of residence.
The Company maintains information to protect you from accidental or malicious acts of erasure. Therefore, even after you erase information from the Service, the Company will not immediately delete the information from its server and maintain backup information for a period of time.

Modification of Information

The Company gives you access to your personal information at any time while you use the Service. If this information differs from the latest information, the Company immediately modifies or deletes the information unless it needs to be maintained for legitimate business purposes or legal purposes. When modifying personal information, the Company may request you to confirm your identity before carrying out the modification.
The Company may refuse repeated requests that are unreasonable, requests that require excessive technical efforts (e.g. development of a new system or fundamental reformation of the existing system), requests that violates other people’s privacy, or other requests that are clearly unrealistic.

Sharing of Information

The Company does not share personal information with other companies, organizations or individuals except for in the following cases:

  • When you have given consent, the Company may share personal information with other companies, organizations and individuals;
  • When third party help is needed, the Company may ensure the business partner that jointly uses the Company’s personal information to comply with a privacy policy based on the Company’s policy and other confidential and security related measures before providing personal information for processing on behalf of the Company.
  • When legally required, the Company may share personal information with other companies, organizations and individuals if access, use, storage or disclosure of personal information is necessary for the following purposes:
    • Upon request by an enforcement agency;
    • Investigation of agreement violations for related services;
    • Fraud response, or the identification, prevention, and resolution of security and technical issues;
    • To protect and ensure safety of the rights and properties of the Company, customers, and the general public.

The Company may share aggregated data in which individual identification is impossible with the Company’s business partners.
In the event where the Company merges, splits or the operation of the Service is transferred to another, the Company will maintain the confidentiality of associated personal information and notify you in advance before the information is delivered to the new operator and become subject to the operator’s privacy policy.

Protection of Information

The Company protects your personal information from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or erasure using the following methods:

  • Encryption of the Service using SSL;
  • Monitoring of unauthorized access to the system that handles the Company’s information collection, storage and processing as well as physical security measures;
  • Limiting the access of personal information to the Company’s employees, contractors (agents) and proxies who need the personal information for processing;
  • Limiting access to those other than the Company’s employees to partners who have signed a confidentiality agreement, where infringement of the agreement can result in sanctions or cancellation of the contract.

Response to Information Leak

In the event of a leakage of your personal information, appropriate actions will be taken including a speedy notification of relevant facts to you.

Enforcement of the Privacy Policy

The Company regularly reviews voluntary compliance of the Privacy Policy, and complies with various independent regulatory frameworks. Upon receipt of a written request pertaining to a matter of non compliance, the Company will contact the requestor to take appropriate response measures.

Amendment to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be subject to amendments. The Company will stipulate the changes to the Privacy Policy and will not reduce your rights described in the Privacy Policy without your consent. After the Privacy Policy has been changed, the Company will announce the changes. The Company will store the previous versions of the Privacy Policy so you can view them at any time.