Do you want to know where your child is?
Are you worried he/she went too far away?

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  • Mom!
  • Dad!
  • Daughter!
  • Son!
  • Baby!
  • Grandpa!
  • Grandma!
  • Son!

Mom and Dad feel safe!
You can easily locate your child with Kidsmap now.

Whenever you’re concerned!

By connecting Mom’s mobile phone with the child’s, you can check each other’s location 24/7, wherever you are, with only one touch of your phone.
Children can also feel safe knowing where Mom is.

It’s easy and fast!

You can use it by simply swapping each other’s 4-character code.
With just one touch on the phone, you are able to check each other’s location and distance. You may also add more than one family member in one phone.

We protect your privacy!

You don’t have to give us your private information.
All data needed to use the service will be coded and safely transferred so that only the family members linked to your phone are able to view them.

Mom & Dad feel SAFE!

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